“The Three Eternal Truths For Any Marketer In Any Medium”

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   GKIC President Nick Loise


Serial Direct Marketer 
Brian Kurtz

Discover How To Put Money In Your Pocket With An Efficient, Reliable SYSTEM For Magnetically Attracting An Abundance of
Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients Pre-Disposed To Do
Business With You!

This is a RARE opportunity to “peer into the mind” of a guy who sold millions of subscriptions and tens of millions of consumer, health, and business-related books across a variety of offline and online media.

During this session Brian is going to reveal his insights into:  The myths and realities of the 40/40/20 rule … Why RFM are the three most important letters to any marketer … What LTV is and why it is the bedrock of everything you do (and LTV is not something you watch on YouTube) ... and a whole LOT more!